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Medical and Driver Training
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Medical and Driver Training

The full-service offering at AGS extends to medical assessments and driver training. If you are an airport service provider, your drivers will require both a medical assessment and specialist driver training to operate on site. Through medicals and training, we can help reduce accidents, improve driving skills, and boost company productivity. We can even service your vehicles while you wait.

Services Include

  • Medical requirements to drive DVLA Group 1 standard as a minimum 
  • Three-year check up carried out by an occupational health professional to align with a DVLA Group 1 standard as a minimum
  • Compliance with any workplace conditions or restrictions around medical assessments
  • Reviews and training following driving accidents or incidents at work
  • Training and medical fitness requirements for specialist workplace standards
  • Familiarisation courses for large fleets 
  • Risk assessments on road safety

To book a medical, please email:

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